My New Love For Dark Beer

I used to be scared of dark beers. Literally afraid just by the look of it. That was a few years ago, now I’m a avid beer lover. These last two years I’ve been to every beer festival, brewery, taproom, gastropub and bottle shop in the Bay Area. It wasn’t until a couple months ago where my fear was tackled. Next to sour beers, stouts and porters are my favorite. These dark, malty, coffee inspired beers are great and might even take sour beers from the number 1 spot. I’ve discovered it’s not just coffee, these beers are very complex and come in a variety of flavors. Vanilla, milk stouts, chocolate porters are just some styles that are incredible. Below you’ll see Ballast Point’s American Stout called The Commodore. This San Diego Brewery is known for their great IPA, the Sculpin but they brew amazing dark beers. Next is the new Imperial Coffee Porter from Drakes Brewery out of San Leandro, Ca. This newly  released porter  is a limited release and is great for coffee and porter lovers. Last is a smooth tasting Ale from Fieldwork Brewing Company out of Berkeley, Ca. Chocolate Milk Brown is a Brown Ale that taste just like chocolate milk. I have many favorites and I suggest if you see these in your local taproom, you try ASAP. Don’t be afraid of dark beers, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.  


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